Hiring a TPA to manage your drug and alcohol testing program can be stressful, particularly when it comes to regulation based testing. Before you make that big decision, consider the following 8 simple questions that can help you properly hire a great TPA for the least amount of money.

1. Will I be able to get a hold someone who can answer my question within 2 minutes during business hours?

  • This is important when managing employees because your time is valuable.

2. Will I have access to 24/7 services in an Emergency situation?

  • 24/7 access to a TPA is vital because regulations often require a short time frame in which testing may be done.

3. Will I get a response to my emails within 2 business hours?

  • Your non-emergency questions are still important!

4. Will I be notified of Compliance changes via email?

  • A TPA’s job is to keep you up to date on compliance changes and make sure you are within regulations.

5. Will I be able to get drug tested anywhere in the country?

  • Having a large network is vital in keeping up with regulation requirements.

6. Will all of my testing be Federally and State Compliant?

  • This ones is obvious. Your TPA absolutely SHOULD be doing everything in their power to keep you compliant.

7. Will I be able to utilize electronic-pass drug testing?

  • Paper forms are quickly disappearing, make sure you have a TPA that is up with the latest innovations in technology!

8. Will I be a name instead of a number?

  • As with anything, you should be more valuable than a number and so are your employees. Make sure your TPA shares your values.

By getting the answers to these questions, you’ll guarantee that you are working with a TPA that is worth their salt.  So if you want your workplaces to be as healthy, safe, and productive as possible – without breaking the bank – then we invite you to call us at 405-822-0553.

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