Lobdock, Inc. CEO and CFO Named to Journal Record’s Most Admired CEOs and CFOs List

Susan Lobsinger, CEO on left and Steve Logsinger, CFO on right

When the Journal Record, an Oklahoma business periodical, asked for nominations for Most Admired CEO and Most Admired CFO, the Lobdock staff wasted no time writing their nomination letters. You can read excerpts from their nomination letters below: “Susan is always striving for people to push themselves into new situations and learn from mistakes that…

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Top 5 Things to Know for Employee Drug Testing

Word top and high five hand for top 5 to know about drug test

Drug testing may seem intimidating, but it isn’t meant to be. How you prepare for employee drug testing determines how anxious they may be. Reassure your employee there is no accusation of using or abusing drugs or alcohol. Employee drug testing is meant to discourage drug use and maintain a safe work environment for all.…

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