Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Easy, just send us an email or phone call and provide us with some basic information! Company Name, Legal Name, CDL number, Email, Phone Number, Address, and Credit Card. You can be enrolled by the end of the day!

DOT Agency2019 Drug Rate2019 Alcohol Rate
FRA – Covered Service25%10%
FRA – Maintenance of Way50%25%
  • Do you offer Clearinghouse Services?

    Yes! We offer Clearinghouse services for FREE with our Lobdock Original Plans and for a low fee for our unlimited plans.

  • Why do I need to be enrolled in a drug testing program?

    Many states required any public drivers, safety workers, and public contractors to be enrolled in a drug testing program. If you hold a CDL or are DOT regulated, the federal government requires participation in order to maintain compliance.

  • How does random testing work?

    We use a computer based, scientific program to select participants at random. Neither the employer or our employees have the ability to select who gets tested.

  • Do I need pre-employment testing?

    The DOT requires you to have one in the name of the company you are starting at. 

    Non-DOT testing is not highly regulated and is usually a question of company policy. We recommend that all new hires receive Pre-employment tests.

  • Can I have drug and alcohol tests done on site?

    Absolutely! We love having our collector or collectors meet you on site. We can set up just about anywhere, day or night. We prefer to catch your guys at shift change if you are doing a sweep.

    Click here for DOT details:

  • What hours are you available for emergencies?

    Give us a call anytime because we have we have collectors on call 24/7!

  • How do I prepare for a drug test?

    Be sure to bring your ID. If you have forms, or an email, be sure to bring them too. Make sure to know who you are testing for and how we can bill them, or you may pay directly.

  • What if I cannot use the restroom?

    You go into the shy bladder process. The time limit on this process is 3 hours. You may not leave, drink or eat privately brought food, or leave the collectors view. You will be provided with water by the collector. After initial try: 16oz of water; After 1 hour: 16 oz of water; after hour 2: 8oz of water.

  • What does “directly observed” mean?

    Directly observed tests mean that someone of the same gender must watch urine leave your body and go into the collection cup. The collector may designate someone to do the observing if the collector is not the same gender.

  • What if I need to leave in the middle of my test?

    Leaving in the middle of a test or during the shy bladder process is considered a refusal. Refusals are typically treated as positive tests.

  • How long does an instant take from start to finish?

    Takes about 10-15 minutes depending on the ease or paperwork and if you want it sent by fax or email.

  • How long is the wait time at Lobdock’s clinic for a drug and alcohol test?

    We typically do not have a wait. We only take walk-ins until 4:30 in order to complete the test within our normal office hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..

    For after-hour testing call (405) 822-0553

  • How long does it take to get a hair test back?

    Hair tests typically take 2-3 Business days to get resulted. Although, if there are prescriptions that the MRO needs to verify with a pharmacy, this time can be extended.

  • How long does it take to get a urine test back?

    For negative tests, 1-2 business days. Positives vary based on how promptly the donor contacts us but it typically 1 day after donor contact.

  • What should I do if I think I take a prescription that will come up as a positive?

    Do not worry! You will be contacted by the MRO if there is anything that may be a prescription. Provide the MRO with the requested information and they will release it as negative if everything is in order. They will not accept a family members prescription.

  • What if I was exposed to second hand marijuana smoke?

    Do not worry. The processes for the lab and MRO have thoughtfully and knowingly set the cut off mark above what could possibly be inhaled by second hand exposure.

  • Can I get a blood drug test?

    Lobdock does not provide blood tests but they are available.

    Blood tests are only accurate within minutes of consuming the drug. Urine, Saliva, and Hair tests are far more accurate in detecting drug use.

  • Do you provide nail bed testing?

    No. This process has been proven much less accurate than hair testing but is much more expensive. We try to offer the most accurate results scientifically available.

  • How long can a substance be detected in a saliva drug test?

    3 days is the length of time that is typical. This can vary by +/- a day based on saliva production and personal hygiene.

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