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Lobdock is here to serve your needs in the best way possible. We will help you decide if you need testing materials to be collected or if we need to visit your establishment.

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“[Their] Employees Really Care About the Work They Do!”

“It is a great company whose employees really care about the work that they do and their customers’ safety and happiness.”

- Sherri Vickery, HR / Corporate Office Manager – Coil Chem


“…One Call and Everything Will Be Taken Care of…”

“Having equipment operating 24/7, it is important to have a drug testing company that you can depend on, knowing one call and everything will be taken care of.  My hats off to Lobdock!”

- Del Stewart, Safety Manager – Sabre Industries

“…attentive to our needs and we love them.”

Lobdock starting me on electronic forms has made new hires significantly more streamlined. Keegan and Hunter are attentive to our needs and we love them.

- Angela McClure, Director of Transportation - Mustang, Oklahoma Schools

“They have been great...”

“They have been great, they wrote our policy and helped us with implementing drug and alcohol testing.”

- Summer Roberts, HR Manager - River Bend Industries

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