Open Enrollment is a Great Time to Re-evaluate Your Drug and Alcohol Policy

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It’s that time of year again. Time to prepare for insurance open-enrollment and consider the effectiveness of various vendors you use, which makes it a great time to plan for next year and re-evaluate your drug and alcohol policy. What works and what doesn’t? Are you getting the support you need? Are you giving the support your employees need?

Does Your Drug and Alcohol Policy Measure Up?

While you’re considering the best options for your employees, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your drug and alcohol policy.

  • What are your drug and alcohol testing objectives?
  • Do they need to change?
  • Is your current policy meeting those objectives?
  • Are your drug and alcohol testing vendors providing the support you need?
  • Is your Third Party Administrator relieving stress or adding to it?
  • OR do you need to hire a Third Party Administrator?

Understanding and communicating why you need a policy is key. Your policy should clearly state what is allowed and what isn’t, the reasons to test, as well as the consequence for testing positive.

How a Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy Creates Loyalty

What’s the number one reason to implement a drug and alcohol testing policy? To create and ensure a safe workplace. You don’t create your policy to catch drug users. You create a policy to discourage drug and alcohol use. A drug and alcohol testing policy shows your workforce that you take their safety seriously.

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When employees believe their safety is your priority, they tend to be more loyal to you as their employer. Loyal employees are more productive and tend to take more ownership of their job and your company’s success.

How Lobdock Supports You and Simplifies Workplace Safety

Lobdock Impairment Detection takes workplace safety seriously. We dream of a day when our services are no longer needed. Until then, we work with businesses to create and implement effective drug and alcohol policies.

  • We help ensure you hire confidently with pre-employment drug testing.
  • We help ensure continued workplace safety by managing random drug testing.
  • We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for post-accident drug testing.
  • We keep you updated on drug and alcohol law changes.
  • We offer training for your supervisors so they know when to test and how to help employees using drugs and alcohol.

When you choose Lobdock Impairment Detection, you’re choosing a partner who supports you and your employees by managing your drug and alcohol testing program for you. When you let us manage your drug and alcohol testing, you have more time and energy to manage your people.

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