Clearing Up The Clearinghouse

DOT drivers parked semi-trucks

The Clearinghouse is a new FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) requirement that tracks drug and alcohol violations. (Think: refusals and positives) Every CDL licensed driver that is regulated under the FMCSA must be registered through the Clearinghouse. In addition, each employer of those FMCSA regulated employees must be registered The hardest part of this…

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Rig Life

Oil Field worker on oil pipes in front of oil rig

Rig life can certainly be stressful: shared quarters with other men, away from your family, moving consistently, sheesh. As valued employees, it’s necessary that your workers be on site in “man camps” to increase productivity but also to ensure safety.  Why limit your scope of safety? We can help expand your ability to do that. …

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