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As more states legalize marijuana, it’s becoming difficult for employers to manage its use among employees. How do you manage a productive business while employees are legally allowed to use marijuana products? Can ensure everyone’s safety? How do you balance legalized drugs and workplace safety?

Marijuana Use at Work

States give employers preference when it comes to regulating marijuana use. While CBD is relatively safe, it’s the THC chemical that causes impairment. Employers have the right, and responsibility, to deny THC use in the workplace – especially if they employ safety-sensitive workers. Even if an employee carries a medical use marijuana card, employers can ban its use during work hours. It’s important to note that if your business is regulated by the DOT or any of its agencies, marijuana is not allowed – medical or otherwise.

Costs of Marijuana Use in the Workplace

According to a study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, employees who tested positive for marijuana had 55% more industrial accidents, 85% more injuries and 75% greater absenteeism compared to those who tested negative. Drug testing for THC impairment, while necessary, up to now has been difficult. Ignoring it is costly.

Marijuana Drug Testing

Typically, there are 4 ways to test for marijuana use:

  • Urine tests – detect use for about 3-30 days after use
  • Saliva tests – detect use for about 24 hours after use
  • Hair tests – detects TCH for about 90 days after use
  • Blood tests – detects THC for 3-4 hours, but is the most invasive

If you have reasonable suspicion that an employee is using marijuana products while at work, you need a test that detects recent THC use. Traditional testing returns a positive result for use that may have occurred days ago. The THC breathalyzer detects recent use.

THC Breathalyzer

Hound Labs® is rolling out its new THC Breathalyzer to detect recent marijuana use. It only detects use within 2-3 hours of use, which correlates with the impairment window.

Soon, Lobdock Impairment Detection will add the THC Breathalyzer to our arsenal of drug and alcohol testing services.

If you need to know if someone is using at work, you’ll know immediately – without a doubt. The privacy of responsible users won’t be compromised by a drug test that detects THC for days after use.

How does the THC Breathalyzer work?

The device is simple to use. The donor simply blows into a tube for 2 minutes, breathing as much as necessary between blows. Results are immediate. No waiting for days. If an employee tests positive for recent use, you can take swift action to keep all your employees safe.

Benefits of THC Breathalyzer Testing

When you incorporate the THC Breathalyzer into your drug testing policy, you’re accurately pinpointing who is actually using marijuana products while at work. The THC Breathalyzer differentiates between employees using during work and those legally using marijuana away from work. You’ll also know which job applicants used marijuana right before a pre-employment test as opposed to those who may have used days or weeks prior to testing.

Bottom line: you just know more accurately who is using now. You can create a clear drug policy with zero tolerance for marijuana and know for sure who is using while at work. This is a win for employers everywhere!

Addressing Marijuana in your Drug and Alcohol Policy

If you haven’t addressed marijuana use, yet, we recommend you revise your drug and alcohol policy to ban marijuana use during work hours.

If you don’t have a drug and alcohol policy, call Lobdock at 405-822-0553. We can help you create a policy that works for you.

If you’re interested in discussing how to add THC breath testing to your drug and alcohol policy, contact Lobdock today.

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