Did You Know Lobdock Impairment Detection Is Nation Wide?

An image of America taken from space at night, you can see the lights of all the major cities, with a title next to it saying"Did You Know Lobdock Impairment Detection Is National?"

If you are looking for a company that offers both mobile drug testing and many clinic locations, Lobdock Impairment Detection is a reliable and straightforward solution. As a nationwide third-party administrator, we find convenient testing locations for you within our collection site network of over 5,000 locations or we can even arrange testing at your…

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Drug and Alcohol Testing: 10 Reasons to Do It

10 pills 10 Reasons

If you supervise or employ safety sensitive workers, the lack of a drug and alcohol testing program could cost you a fortune in lost productivity and accident claims. Did you know nearly 25% of workers have admitted to drinking during the workday at least once during a year? Did you know nearly one-fifth of workers…

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14 Answers to Return to Duty Drug Testing Questions

truck driver taking pills by truck requires return to duty drug testing

1. What is return to duty drug testing? Return to duty drug testing most commonly occurs within safety-sensitive positions. It’s a single test required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) performed at a scheduled time followed by successful completion of a drug and alcohol recovery program.  Those managing the general workforce are free to set…

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Marijuana and Pre-Employment Drug Testing

drug test results

While marijuana use is still federally illegal, many states have either legalized it in some capacity or are considering a law change. We often hear about another state voting on some type of legal marijuana use and regulation. To date, most states have remained employer friendly for managing marijuana use in the workplace, but now…

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Detect THC Use with New Breathalyzer

Marijuana buds spilling out of prescription bottle on top of Rx pad

As more states legalize marijuana, it’s becoming difficult for employers to manage its use among employees. How do you manage a productive business while employees are legally allowed to use marijuana products? Can ensure everyone’s safety? How do you balance legalized drugs and workplace safety? Marijuana Use at Work States give employers preference when it…

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Is Post-Accident Drug Testing Required?

DOT semi truck accident under a bridge

If you employ safety-sensitive workers, you know about the inevitability of accidents, even if your drug and alcohol testing policy is solid. What do you do when you get that dreaded call that one of your employees has been involved in an accident? Is post-accident drug testing always required? According to the U.S. Department of…

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CASE STUDY: Do Businesses with Multiple Locations Across the Country Need a Different TPA for Each State?

DOT red semi truck driving across the country

An interesting conversation with one of our trucking company owners brought to light a misunderstanding. He believed he had to assign a different TPA (Third Party Administrator) for each of his locations. Our client had more than one driver, each based in a different state. He thought that Oklahoma City-based Lobdock Impairment Detection could only…

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What is the Purpose of Random Drug Testing?

random word art including work safety employee workplace hazards health safety regulations

Random drug testing is one of the easiest ways to improve workplace safety, not because you may catch drug users, although you may. That’s not the point. Random Drug Testing deters drug use and ensures a sober workforce without singling out specific employees. Detecting drug use among employees is nearly impossible. Once the signs are…

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