CASE STUDY: Do Businesses with Multiple Locations Across the Country Need a Different TPA for Each State?

DOT red semi truck driving across the country

An interesting conversation with one of our trucking company owners brought to light a misunderstanding. He believed he had to assign a different TPA (Third Party Administrator) for each of his locations. Our client had more than one driver, each based in a different state. He thought that Oklahoma City-based Lobdock Impairment Detection could only…

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What is the Purpose of Random Drug Testing?

random word art including work safety employee workplace hazards health safety regulations

Random drug testing is one of the easiest ways to improve workplace safety, not because you may catch drug users, although you may. That’s not the point. Random Drug Testing deters drug use and ensures a sober workforce without singling out specific employees. Detecting drug use among employees is nearly impossible. Once the signs are…

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Lobdock, Inc. CEO and CFO Named to Journal Record’s Most Admired CEOs and CFOs List

Susan Lobsinger, CEO on left and Steve Logsinger, CFO on right

When the Journal Record, an Oklahoma business periodical, asked for nominations for Most Admired CEO and Most Admired CFO, the Lobdock staff wasted no time writing their nomination letters. You can read excerpts from their nomination letters below: “Susan is always striving for people to push themselves into new situations and learn from mistakes that…

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Top 5 Things to Know for Employee Drug Testing

Word top and high five hand for top 5 to know about drug test

Drug testing may seem intimidating, but it isn’t meant to be. How you prepare for employee drug testing determines how anxious they may be. Reassure your employee there is no accusation of using or abusing drugs or alcohol. Employee drug testing is meant to discourage drug use and maintain a safe work environment for all.…

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Why Pre-Employment Drug Testing?

Drug Free road sign

A drug-free workplace means better productivity for your business and a safer work environment for your employees. What’s your best tool to make sure your office is drug-free? If pre-employment drug testing isn’t part of your drug and alcohol policy, you should consider adding it. The costs of hiring people addicted to drugs and alcohol…

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DOT Drug/Alcohol Testing During COVID-19

Covid-19 update for FMCSA drug testing

These are strange times, right? COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. We’re living in uncertainty and there don’t seem to be a lot of clear answers right now. It’s our job to stay on top of rules and regulations. We want to provide some answers for your questions about drug and alcohol testing during…

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What’s a C/TPA and Why Do I Need One?

colorful test tubes for drug testing

A “C/TPA?” A C/TPA, or Consortium/Third Party Administrator (also referred to as a “service agent”), manages all or part of your company’s non-DOT or DOT drug and alcohol testing program. A comprehensive C/TPA also helps you create drug-free workplace programs and stays on top of federal laws for you. Simply put, a good TPA makes…

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Hiring A TPA: 8 Tips to Find a Good Fit

Stencil 8 tips

Hiring a TPA (Third Party Administrator) to manage your drug and alcohol testing program can be stressful, particularly when it comes to regulation-based testing. Before you make that big decision, consider the following 8 simple questions that can help you properly hire a great TPA for the least amount of money. 1. Will I be…

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